About Roger

Hi, I’m Roger Burnley, and I’ve spent over 30 years in the entertainment industry, working primarily as a vocal coach.

You’ve probably already heard my clients sing. Many of them are household names.

Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J, James Torme and Nona Gaye are just a few artists I’ve had the privilege of working with.

In Hollywood (where I teach) they call me the “Secret Weapon”. This is because I’m known best for my ability to get FAST RESULTS.

I’m the guy that get’s the call when the star has lost their way on tour, and desperately needs to rediscover their mojo…

Or when the front man/women needs to tweak their voice so it pours out magic in the studio.

My technique is relied on by singers with brutal schedules… doing long 18 hour days in the studio… performing 100’s of times a year…

I’ve dedicated most of my life to understanding how the voice works… and helping singers get the most out of theirs.

And Now I Want To Give You The Singing Voice You’ve Always Dreamed Of Having

Whether or not you realize it, you have the potential to develop and AMAZING singing voice.

I don’t care if you can’t yet sing a note. Or if when you do it sounds like a cat screaming!

If you’d seen what I’ve seen over the last 30 years, you’d know it’s possible to transform even the most TERRIBLE voice into something SPECTACULAR.

In fact, when you have the right knowledge, it just becomes a matter of time…

And this is what this website is all about. Giving you the right knowledge.

It’s my mission to show you the fastest way possible to develop the singing voice of your dreams.

So please explore this website and begin learning immediately!

Have a wonderful day,
Roger Burnley

The Secret To Star Singing

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Case Study

“My voice sounds better. So much better.”

“The “Singing Made Simple” technique did more for my voice in a month than private lessons has done in over 2 years.

My voice sounds better. So much better. And I never get a sore throat after a performance like I used to.”